Monday, 19 May 2014

Sunday Street Style Search

Hello fellow fashionistas!

Sorry for not posting for the last couple of days but I have been out enjoying the beautiful weather! But don't worry, fashion is never far from my mind, so yesterday I went to the famous "Carnaby Street" in London to talk to some fashionable folk for a Sunday Street Style Search  :)

It was only a couple of minutes in when I noticed Irina and had to take a photo. Tall and statuesque she definitely stood out from the crowd and her cute outfit was perfect for the summer sun!

Irina is a 15 year old student and unsurprisingly I was the second person who has stopped her on Carnaby Street! However she was extremely modest and was very humble about her style saying she tried not to put too much thought into her outfits and just put on what she liked to wear each day! 

About 10 minutes later I met Sandi who proved that there is no age limit to style and individuality.

Like any classy woman, Sandi didn't reveal her age but did say that she was much enjoying the retired life! When I asked her about what influenced her style she told me that it was simply individuality. Sandi doesn't follow trends, but she certainly sets them and I promptly went to "Year Zero London," to purchase her sunglasses...

It was starting to get super hot outside now and I was just about to call it a day when I saw Alexandra and had to grab a quick snap before I left!

Alexandra, a 19 year old student is originally from Sweden and has just finished her studies out there. So what is next for this lovely lady? Well she is off to live in Nice, France to work on yachts....alright for some!! Alexandra was extremely shy and giggly but before she ran off she told me that her style secret was shopping in markets...and then had a brief discussion about Swedish film with my photographer Fran! Overall, both myself and Fran loved Alexandra's individuality and are off to a Swedish market to buy that bag!

And that was the end of my Sunday Street Style Search! I met and talked to some lovely people and found some great style inspiration. So who was your favourite?

Lots of love fellow fashionistas,


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  1. I love your style obviously! My favourite is Alexandra, love the boots with the summer dress x