Monday, 12 May 2014

Bag It And Tag It

I dream in bags....Mulberry, Michael Kors, Chanel, Celine, Prada; the list goes on...
BUT, if you are like me then you are bummed down with the fact that your monthly budget barely lets you shop on the high street let alone designer bags! 
This is why I am saving like a pro, so that one day I can finally walk into a store and purchase something rather than having to mull around and then awkwardly leave feeling like a peasant!
SO, this weekend as a treat to myself, I headed off to Harrods in search of the perfect summer handbag, if money was no object....of course I dressed for the occasion!

First stop...Mulberry! This classic Willow Tote was a great size for the daytime, with enough room for my tablet, makeup and daily essentials. It even had enough room for a pair of flats in case my feet got tired! The main thing I loved about this bag though was the detachable clutch on the front, meaning you get two for the price of one! Anything that can take me from day to night is a winner in my book!
VERDICT: Great, if you are looking for a classic piece that will go with anything and has great versatility. The only downside for me was that it didn't stand out enough and whilst it came in other colours, nothing really popped.

Onwards and upwards! I came across this gorgeous piece by designer Ethan K. Not only did he have an amazing selection of exotic skinned bags (see orange crocodile below..a personal fav!) but he also does bespoke pieces as well and rarely commissions the same piece twice, meaning you really are getting a one off! This beautiful croc piece came in an amazing tangerine colour which is perfect for the summer and was topped off with an adorable gold hedgehog detail. My favourite thing about this bag though? The secret opening at the back for quick and easy access to all your essentials...Genius!
VERDICT: I absolutely loves this bag and the fact that a purchase would really be a one off piece. The only downside is that crocodile skin ruins in the rain and London isn't the driest place in the world! However, this bag would be worth permanently having an umbrella for!

Ethan K.

 Next stop was Tom Ford where I spotted this amazing pony hair and suede tote in bright fuchsia. I ABSOLUTELY loved this bag and it priced mid range out of the ones I found. Smaller than the Mulberry but still a good day time size, the best thing about this bag was the security. The zip at the front was secured with a padlock, and if you are like me and prone to losing things, the key is conveniently hidden within a pink leather tag hanging at the front of the bag.PERFECT! 
VERDICT: A really great bag and a colour sure to get you noticed...the only negative was that it didn't come with a matching purse, material or colour wise. Still, if you are looking for a statement piece and something a bit different, it's a definite winner!

Tom Ford
Last but certainly not least was a stop off at Chanel where I found this beautiful naturally dyed python skin number. As soon as it went on my arm, I knew it was a luxury item and with a price tag of over £8,000 I certainly couldn't see myself being able to purchase it anytime soon. This bag was completely impractical. From the fact it had no matching purse to the delicate material meaning it would ruin instantly on the crowded tube in London, and yet..if I had the money...this is the one I would buy! The colour was exquisite and popped against my outfit. The size was perfect for day and night. Chanel had stolen my heart yet again!
VERDICT: This was definitely the winner! Typical me it was also the most expensive. They say the best things in life are free but Chanel definitely disagrees!

So what did you guys think? Did I make the right choice? I would love to hear your comments and pictures of your favourite bags!
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Lots of love fellow fashionistas


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  1. I absolutely love the Ethan K tangerine bag with the little hedgehog detail. I would have to buy shoes to match, obviously! :-D