Monday, 12 May 2014

Sequined Saturday

This weekend my lovely Mum came up from Cornwall to visit me in the big smoke! Now I must have gotten my shopping abilities from her as when she comes up we always end up enjoying some retail therapy.

Everyone has their shopping weakness...mum's is shoes and bags...she has so many of them!
Mine....sparkly stuff. I'm basically a fashion magpie and collect all the glittery/sequinned things I can.

It instantly makes you feel glamorous and is great for an evening out. But why should we limit our shine to the night time!?

By pairing this sequin skirt with a crisp white shirt and baby pink coat, it takes your evening glamour to day-time fun! I toughened it up a bit with these AMAZING buckled boots from New look...leather is always a must for me :)

So how do you wear your day-time sparkle?
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Lots of love fellow fashionistas!


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